The Silent Voices

By 2020 Their will be more than 31million young Americans Ages 16-25 Who could Change America.



On March 1,2018 We called for Coongress to lower the VOTING AGE TO 16. The young people of America deserve a Voice in selecting Leaders throughout our Nation. By lowering the age of our young people we can begin to shape leaders of tomorrow. People Over Politics America, is Calling on a Bi-Partisan Coalition to Lower the Voting Age to 16. Tell Your Congress Member and.both Senators to Co Sponsor Bills to Lower the Voting Age to 16

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Black Panther Movie Could Help Dems Take Back Congress.

The Movie Black Panther has grossed over $1Billion and reports show many moviegoers plan to see the film more than once. Our MOVEMENT to Change Congress has developed a Plan to offer Free Tickets to Voters Who actually VOTE in Key Congressional Districts in the upcoming Nov.6th Election. We estimate it will cost up to $4.5 millions to execute this.plan.Which could.increase Democratic and Independent Voter turnout by 35-45% . The Republican Congress and Trump proposed Social Security,SNAP Food Stamps,Medicare,Housing Vouchers,Public Schools and College Grants. Also this Republican Congress filled.with Republicans like Maryland’s Andy Harris OWNED and funded by The Gun Lobby and National Rifle Association refuse to Vote to Ban AR-15 Military Style Guns. We Must Vote on Record Numbers to Trump Republican Gun Lobby allowing the killing of Our Children. Fact We have lost more than 17,000 School Children to Mass Shooting, Mostly Using AR-15 Guns designed to kill massive groups of people. Become A Community Advocate in yr Community Join


Maryland Democratic Brokers don’t understand why The Black Lt Governor lost the race to become the States First Black Governor. When Black State Senator Anthony Muse, a native of Baltimore and now an popular State Senator from Prince Georges County decided to challenge an first term incumblant Jewish US Senator and at Democratic Event, Party Officials disrespected Senator Muse, by ignoring him and walking out while he was speaking.

A group of Business and Community Leaders including Former Maryland State Senator Tommy Broadwater hosted a Homecoming Festival Tribute to Grammy Music Award Nominee and God Father of Go Go Music Chuck Brown in his hometown of Fairmount Heights, MD. The Committee invited The Black Lt Governor Anthony Brown his office declined the invitation due to the fact The Lt Governor ‘s Appeareances have to be approved by Lt Governor O Malley,

Black Voters Nationwide are rebelling against both political partys, Democrats have not rallied behind two US Senators for The District of Columbia, which at least one of The Senators could be African American. Republican Party has just about kicked out all Liberal and Moderate Republicans, telling them Jack Kemp’s Big Tent Republican Party is open only to Radical Right Wing Trump Tea Party Republicans Now.

I have called for a National Black Political Convention with Regional Black Political Conventions to develop a united multi partisan plan to address our needs and desires here in America. In the Words of Former DC Congressional Delegate Walter Fauntroy ” Black Voters have no permanite friends or permanite enemys, just permanite interest”. Make Shift Jobs can not help others buy homes or start their own business, Raising Minium Pay andturn around and raise the cost of foo to pay for it.

The National Black Political Convention will invite voters of both partys and independents to present a real Agenda for 2018 and 2020 to candidates for President to Governor to US Senate to US Congress to State Legislature to Prosecutors and Judges. Grassroots from household to household.

Maryland has many talented and skillfull electable and experience Mayors, County Executives, Businessmen and women and Community Organizers capable of attracting record turnout of Black Voters including Seat Pleasant Md Mayor Eugene Grant, State Senator Anthony Muse, Mayor Lillie Thompson Martin of Fairmount Heights MD, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and Former Baltimore Mayor Kurk Scmoke.

North Carolina and numerous other states could increase the number of Black Elected Officials, if we open the door now for our young generation to have seats at the table of planning The Black Agenda and holding all candidates and elected officials accountable or face a massive voter rebellion among Black Voters,

The Tea Party control of The Republican Party is the rise of the Old South saying keep those black people in their place and the lack of a back bone by Democrats to promote Statehood for DC, to go all out for Gay Same sex Marriages while our heritage our Africans is contrary to the gay same sex lifestyle. Statehood for DC could mean a Black Governor and one to two Black US Senators , but when Democrats controlled the Senate and the House and majority state legislatures the Leaders did not make Statehood for DC a Priority.

Until African American Voters come together in Regional and a National Black Political Convention, and support the outcome of the convention by registering AND VOTING, we will continue to be ignored by The Republicans and Pimped by The Democrats.

Its Time for a Change, Every Black Voter Matters

Arthur Jackson Jr

DMV Community Organizer & Co Founder The People Over Politics America Movement. Media Contract Ms.Stein Press, 240-705-2023.

Make AMERICA Great. Take Back Our Communities…

DONALD Trumps 2016 Campaign of Hate,Sexism and Racism refueled the fire of White Nationalist and hate groups like American Nazis, Klu Klux Klans and Skin heads. Most Americans do not subscribe to the views of these groups.Which is Why Trump SUPPORT is less than 35% and falling. Mass School Shootings in Florida and Maryland has resulted in Banning AR-15 Military Style Weapons as a major issue in the 2018 Mid Term Elections. Trumps Most Loyal Voting Member of Congress is Maryland Republican Rep.Andrew Harris of the First District. Harris is funded by The N.R A. And Gun Lobby. Harris opposes Congressional Legislation to Ban sale and possession of Military Style Guns designed to kill groups of people.Often used in School Mass Shootings. My organization People Over Politics America is targeting Congress Members funded by The Gun Lobby and N.R.A. to educate their constituents on Gun Lobby funding of their Congress Member. P.O.P. America is seeking to recruit and train up to 10,000 Community Organizers in key Congressional District to educate VOTERS on upcoming elections. To achieve this goal we will need to raise $1.5m- $15millions over the next Two Years. If you would like to assist in helping to find this.project email peopleoverpoliticsamerica

The June 26th Maryland Primary Election could result in more non career community activist defeating inclumblant legislators.Two of the Hottest races will be in the 24th District Where Former State Delegate Tiffany Alston is running a strong race against my former Elementary School Teacher Senator Joanne Benson.Polls show the race is even tied at 50% each. In the House of Delegates Race Popular Community Activist,Latasha Renee Ward leads most Polls, and like Alston has inspired many residents to vote in the June 26th Primary.

Prince George’s County MD.County Executive Rushern Baker is favored to win the Democratic Nomination for Governor against Popular Anti Trump Republican Govenor Larry Hogan Jr. While Hogan remains very popular even among Democrats, because of Trump any Republican in Maryland is targeted by angry voters. Trump cut Taxes for Billionaires and Multi Millionaires,While Proposing $4.1 Trillions in Budget Cuts over ten years to pay for the Wealthy Tax Cuts. Maryland Seniors are angry over Trumps Proposed Cuts of Social Security,Medicare,Medicaid and Afordable Health Care. A Higher than normal Primary Voter turnout could spell defeat for many inclumblants of both.parties. Perhaps if We offered Free Tickets to the Movie The Black Knight We could get a record voter turnout.

PeopleOverPoliticSAmerica…War on White Surpremacy.

The White Surpremacist,Neo Nazi and Klu Klux Klan have been planning for Many years for a Global Race War pitting Non Whites and Jews against Caucasians of European Decent. Twenty years ago I responded to a classified ad in The Washington Times Newspaper seeking Volunteers to train youth as community leaders.When I called the number a preraped nessage advocated for white volunteers to train skinhead white youth for leadership to take back our communities. Many White youth whom fell for this racist propraganda are now on police forces, fire departments, public office, school teachers, lawyers and some may be in Congress and’Srate Legislatures. Unlike The 1950s and 60s, Many white people have inter marrief with people of color.Mixed race children are today a large population in our schools and families ei, Barack Obama, The Rock Johnson and many others. Those few White Surpremacist who subscribe to Neo Nazism,Klu Klux Klan and Trump Hate, are a true minority.Our concern must be addressed to The President,Governors, Attorney Generals, Mayors,City Council Members, State Legislators, U.S.Senators and U.S Congress Members, that We will not allow the seeds of Hate and White Surpremacy to grow in any of the fithy states or District of Columbia to Grow. Donald Trump ran a campaign of hate and lies, stating that Black Americans were responsible for most of America’s Crime, and rather than work to improve Police and Community Relations.Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed years of work by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holden to end the tensions between Police abnd Black and Brown Communities. Donald Trump owes.his election to both a small group of white surpremacist, Nazis and Klu Klux Klans who believe that the rights of white people no longer matter in America ,and throughout the world. How can we reduce the chances of another Charlottesville Happening Again. First, last year on my radio show, The New Arthur Jackson Show, I called for appointment of an Elliot Ness style Gunzar to find where all of tgese illegal guns are coming into U.S. and to recruite a Deputized Team from F.B.I.and Alcohol,Tabacco and Firearms to raid sources supplying illegal fire arms.On my show later this month, I will call on The President and Congress to declare Klu Klux Klan and White Surpremacist advocating hate and violence to be listed as Domestic Terrorist and prohibit Law Enforcement and Government Employees from participating or associating with these groups.Locate their source of funding, seize their bank accounts and properties.

The Heather Heller Bill would send a message to White Surpremacist, that Americans are not accepting the Hate espoused by Donald Trump,and Hate groups that support him. This week more tgan 3000 Marches and Rallys Against Hate and Trumps Hate Policies are planned in nearly every City and Many Towns. Listen to The New Arthur Jackson Show on of Previous Shows Available.





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